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Top 3 Takeways from the Spring High Point Market

One of my favorite parts of being a designer is seeking out unique vendors and products. I am always on the hunt for something a little different for my clients. As a first time attendee of High Point Market, I really had no idea what to expect. This is where interior designers go to find new product and preview upcoming releases from home furnishing manufacturers. Some brands have showrooms year round, and many more set up for “Market” for one week each Spring and Fall. Equated to the “fashion show for home furnishings”, this is a Trade Only locale. It’s strictly for design and furniture professionals and not open to the general public, so I’m excited to share with you some of the gems I found at the Spring show this past April. With more than 2,000 exhibitors and 12 Million square feet of showroom space, I feel like I barely scratched the surface during the two days I was there, but I saw enough to pick up a few common threads: Fur, Folds and Fun!

Yes, real fur and hides. Fur pillo…
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Vanity Restoration

This piece was one of my first experiments with wood finishing. It was found on the curb by a neighbor. He stripped the drawers and offered it to me. I was drawn to it for a few reasons, and eagerly accepted his offer. The minimal yet detailed ornamentation, the tone of the wood, but my favorite detail is the adorable wooden casters. I finished cleaning it up, to remove most of the yellow paint, but wanted to leave a little texture.
Although, I think it is actually a secretary meant for writing letters, I love all of the dainty nooks for my beauty stuff. I added some small vintage ashtrays to store jewelry and bobby bins, tucked away on the shelves.

I don't have a lot of antiques, but the ones I do, I adore. Although, I am not really sure what they're worth to anyone else. Recently though, I attended a lecture discussing how now is a great time to invest in antiques. Everyone wants vintage, and antiques are more affordable again. I believe that when a piece is functional …

Long-vacant Brewster Hospital building is back online

Renovations are nearly complete on the building that once housed the first medical facility to serve the African-American community in Jacksonville.
The long-vacant Brewster Hospital building, located at 843 W. Monroe St. in La Villa, will soon house the North Florida Land Trust's offices.
Danis is the general contractor on the project, while Robbins Design Studio handled the architecture and BMorCreative handled the interior design.
Click here to read the full story.

Spotlight: Main & Six Brewery

Main and Six Brewing Company is one of the most welcomed additions to Main Street, in Historic Springfield. It has the style, ambience and upscale nature rarely found in craft brewery taprooms and that was the vision from the start. Co-Owners Cindy Lasky & her son, Dennis Espinosa, (Head Brewer) encountered hurdles from the Zoning Department when they first announced their intentions. But they were certain this place was ‘the one.’ Soon after filing for an exemption, citizens of Springfield rallied and attended the hearings. Neighbors shared their enthusiasm for this type of establishment and cited examples of how breweries sparked transformation in many communities struggling to revitalize. It was huge win for Main and Six, and a victory for Springfield. However, this was just the beginning of all the hard work to be done.

This quaint mid-century block building once housed a dental office, and was later a retail stationery store. Dennis and Cindy scooped up this little gem with…

Spotlight: Crispy's Springfield Gallery

In 2014, BMorCreative teamed up with Springfield-resident and restaurateur John Crispens to bring his dream of a local eatery to life. Crispens was in search of a unique venue he could transform into a local hotspot, and found the perfect opportunity on Main Street. The former Akra Bros Department Store - a gem of Main Street in the 1930s - was up for grabs from it's recent pawn shop occupant. Although commercial development on Main Street was sparse, Crispens recognized the potential in restoring the structure and pumping new lifeblood into the community. He engaged fellow Springfield resident Becky Morgan and the design team at BMorCreative to help fulfill his vision, and the team was off and running.

Restoring a historic building is no small undertaking; on top of aesthetic appeal and modern amenities, restoration specialists must consider state and local preservation laws. We helped Crispens and his architectural team with the extensive design and planning required to bring th…

Space Matters

Designers can make your space look great, but can workplace issues be resolved through design?  The focus on how people respond to and interact with their surroundings is know as Environmental Psychology, and it’s one of my favorite research subjects. I enjoyed taking this course so much that I later returned as an instructor. I found it infinitely rewarding watching my students begin to understand how a designed environment affects people. Teaching them the stuff that makes designers out of decorators; how to design purposeful spaces for learning, healing, gathering, or working.

Technically, each of these functions could take place in the same vanilla box. But the spatial considerations for a yoga studio vary greatly from those of a coffee shop. If you remove the table and chairs from a restaurant and replace it with cubicles - could it serve as an office? Perhaps, but it would suffer functionally, with a good amount of the space dominated by a now irrelevant commercial kitchen and o…

Paint with a Purpose

Paint and color are one of the least expensive and most impactful ways to customize your space. Color is not simply used to dress up a room. Color is used to shape energy and sway emotions. It can reflect a person’s personality, express individuality, and can a shift a person’s mood. Color can be what helps set your space apart, and make people remember you. And in a world where everyone seems to just want to fit in, we encourage you to stand out!

As designers, we take a thoughtful and precise approach to color choices and it’s all about achieving the desired effect. Did you know that the right colors can actually change the look and feel of your space? Did you know that color can actually change the way you feel? This is not some new agey hype, experts have been studying ‘Color Theory’ since the early 1400s. Color and the way it is applied, are principles considered by Interior Designers, Graphics Designers, Marketing Teams, Product Designers, and Fashion alike.

There is a wealth o…