Why an interior design company is setting up a brick-and-mortar in Springfield

Source: https://www.bizjournals.com/jacksonville/news/2016/03/25/why-an-interior-design-company-is-setting-up-a.html

Becky Morgan has been running her commercial interior design company for three years and now, she's setting up a storefront of her own.

Morgan, the owner of Bmorcreative Inc., whose clients include planned restaurant and mixed-use space Crispy's and the Happy Grilled Cheese in Five Points, is opening a studio at 157 E. 8th Street soon.

As a resident of Springfield, Morgan said the decision to open a storefront was a convenient move for her, but also one that she believes could give her business more visibility.

"I picked the location of my studio because it's three blocks from my house. It's pretty convenient and I also have clients in Springfield," Morgan said.

Morgan also said it also fits in with the majority of her projects, which are largely ones that involve historic preservation. Morgan frequently works with commercial projects, including restaurants and bars, and some residential projects.

She said, even though more and more businesses are running online-only, it's still important for a company like hers to have a physical location.

"It's going to be more conducive to engaging the community, and being involved in some of the Springfield events," Morgan said. "It's going to give me a showcase to help clients understand how my work is different. It'll give me a street presence."

Morgan said historic preservation is a balancing act between clients' wants and keeping the property intact, as well as maximizing the possibility of getting funding for preservation projects. Altering a building to have exposed brick, for example, can take away the opportunity for businesses to apply for historic preservation grants, which many upstart businesses need to complete renovations.

"It's really about navigating – keeping the historic nature and originality while making sure it's safe, accessible for people with disabilities. It's a happy medium between both," Morgan said.

Morgan said her goal with the new storefront is to attract new clients, as well as build her brand and business – something she thinks a physical presence can boost.
"I've been incredibly lucky to be working on some of the things I'm working on. I hope to grow and build my team and work on some interesting projects that are culturally additive for our city," Morgan said.


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