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Paint with a Purpose

Paint and color are one of the least expensive and most impactful ways to customize your space. Color is not simply used to dress up a room. Color is used to shape energy and sway emotions. It can reflect a person’s personality, express individuality, and can a shift a person’s mood. Color can be what helps set your space apart, and make people remember you. And in a world where everyone seems to just want to fit in, we encourage you to stand out!

As designers, we take a thoughtful and precise approach to color choices and it’s all about achieving the desired effect. Did you know that the right colors can actually change the look and feel of your space? Did you know that color can actually change the way you feel? This is not some new agey hype, experts have been studying ‘Color Theory’ since the early 1400s. Color and the way it is applied, are principles considered by Interior Designers, Graphics Designers, Marketing Teams, Product Designers, and Fashion alike.

There is a wealth o…

NeoCon 2018 - Chi Town

In June, the BMorCreative team took on Chicago to see all of the latest releases at NeoCon. Attendees and manufacturers came from all over the world to connect, learn and do business. We saw hundreds of innovative furniture, fabrics, and interior finish materials, displayed in some of the most creative installations.

One of the most common threads was a strong influence of nature, with an emphasis on living walls and decorative mosses. Green walls have been around, but this year were offered in every color of the rainbow! 

Textile and flooring companies are exploring every shape feasible to give designers endless combinations and options. There were plenty of strong geometric patterns with both bold and soft muted combos. 

Jewel tones are in, big time! Paired with classic mid century pieces, these fabulous lounge spaces had us feeling like Joan Holloway dreaming of a vodka gimlet. 

Overall, we were impressed with the show. Our inspiration banks have been filled thanks to all of the am…