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Vanity Restoration

This piece was one of my first experiments with wood finishing. It was found on the curb by a neighbor. He stripped the drawers and offered it to me. I was drawn to it for a few reasons, and eagerly accepted his offer. The minimal yet detailed ornamentation, the tone of the wood, but my favorite detail is the adorable wooden casters. I finished cleaning it up, to remove most of the yellow paint, but wanted to leave a little texture.
Although, I think it is actually a secretary meant for writing letters, I love all of the dainty nooks for my beauty stuff. I added some small vintage ashtrays to store jewelry and bobby bins, tucked away on the shelves.

I don't have a lot of antiques, but the ones I do, I adore. Although, I am not really sure what they're worth to anyone else. Recently though, I attended a lecture discussing how now is a great time to invest in antiques. Everyone wants vintage, and antiques are more affordable again. I believe that when a piece is functional …

Long-vacant Brewster Hospital building is back online

Renovations are nearly complete on the building that once housed the first medical facility to serve the African-American community in Jacksonville.
The long-vacant Brewster Hospital building, located at 843 W. Monroe St. in La Villa, will soon house the North Florida Land Trust's offices.
Danis is the general contractor on the project, while Robbins Design Studio handled the architecture and BMorCreative handled the interior design.
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